For PCOS patients the right
AMH level is crucial

PROFERTIL® female supports PCOS patients

For women aged 35+ or affected by PCOS,
the AMH-value is crucial.

PROFERTIL® female increases the AMH level when it is too low in women aged 35+ and also decreases the AMH level when it is too high in women affected by PCOS. An AMH value in the green range (approx. 1.0 to below 6.0 ng/ml) indicates conditions are good for female fertility.

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The impact of a standardized micronutrient supplementation on PCOS‑typical parameters

Number of patients:
n = 56

(PROFERTIL® female-group
n = 28; Control group n = 28)

Study-proven efficacy in PCOS patients

  • Improved LH:FSH ratio:
    -24% vs. 0.00%
  • Lower testosterone level:
    –14% vs. +2,3%
  • Reduced serum AMH level:
    –11% vs. 0,00%

*Hager et al.; Arch Gynecol Obstet. 2019; 300(2):455-460.